UB Finance in Rs. 300 Mn unlisted debenture issue

Paper articles on above investment were published in followings news papers on 28th of October 2016. You can access the articles though the following links. MORE >>


UB Finance enhanced its product portfolio by introducing another attractive working capital tool “Easy Draft”. This innovative working capital solution has been developed to fulfill the short term financing requirements of small and medium enterprises. MORE >>

UB Finance recently signed up Mr. Percy Abeysekera fondly known as “Percy” by the cricket loving public the world over as a Brand Ambassador to promote the products and services offered by the Company.

Having placed a strong footing in the cricket arena as Sri Lanka’s most influential and loved one-man cheering squad and mascot this extraordinary gentleman who will turn 78 this year has been a major fan and promoter of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team cheering them along for the past 50 years and has amassed priceless memories and experiences throughout his glorious career. With his charismatic personality and invigorating achievements, he has managed to attract a strong following amongst cricket fans as well as cricket players from around the world. MORE >>


Further to the captioned article published in the Business Times section of the Sunday Times of 22nd December 2013, this serves as a correction to inform and clarify to the public the incorrect statements made in the said article.

The Union Bank of Colombo PLC together with its Strategic Investment Partner ShoreCap II Limited invested LKR 1.15Bn to acquire a controlling interest in UB Finance Company Limited in November 2011, making it the first Finance Company to be owned by a private sector Commercial Bank. Union Bank and ShoreCap II currently collectively hold an 82% stake in the Company. MORE >>