Everybody's aim is to own their dream car one day.  UB Finance Leasing makes your dream come true by providing fast, tailor-made solutions for any type of new, used or pre-owned vehicle of your choice, with the lowest interest rates to enhance your investment, along with assistance for insuring your vehicle. We provide Leasing for:

  •   Passenger vehicles (Cars, Vans, SUVs, Motorbikes etc.)
      Commercial vehicles (Buses, Lorries, Trucks, Trailers etc.)
      Machinery and construction equipment
      Agricultural equipment

Additional benefits that we offer include:

  •   Ability to process with or without personal guarantors or down payments.
      Registered or unregistered vehicles categories considered.
      Finance facilities up to the applicable limits of the value of the vehicle.
      Payment options of reducing balance or on equated installment basis.
      In-house insurance packages and special rates on insurance.
      Ability of including the first year's insurance premium to the facility up to a maximum of 2.5% of the vehicle value.